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Sacred Circuitry Light Sessions

Are you ready to transcend perceived physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limitations? Awaken and Retrieve the COSMIC HeART-IFACTS stored inside of you! 

Sacred circuitry is a network of energetic pathways or circuits that exist within and around us, connecting us to higher realms, divine energies, and universal consciousness. It is based on the understanding that we are not just physical beings but also energetic beings, and our energetic systems play a vital role in our overall well-being and spiritual growth. These energetic circuits are interconnected and interdependent, forming a complex network that facilitates the flow of energy throughout our bodies and beyond. This network can be programmed to run a specific sequence that supports the unification of your mind, body, spirit and soul. Sacred Circuitry activates and communicates with the channels running through the HUEman :: which are also connected to energy centers in the body, i.e. nadis, nodes, meridians and Chakras. When a Sacred Circuitry Sequence is activated, it guides and allows energy to flow freely, leading to a number of benefits such as improved health, heightened awareness and the reallocation of vital life force.

 Sacred Circuitry

~ is a current of divine spiritual intelligence 

 ~ living codes of light that hold activation frequencies, initiations and attunements created to support consciousness

~ acts as a way to access and activate the unified field of our quantum awareness

~ anchors divinity through sacred key-codes of vibrant information that assist in soul remembrance

~ give us an opportunity to see into the heart of our experience and multi-dimensional self


Benefits of Sacred Circuitry

Works on a cellular level,


bypassing the mind and allowing the full assimilation/integration

of the activation it contains


Deeply encoded with your specific soul frequency

& divine resonance

All completely unique to you and what is most beneficial to receive from your soul at that time. 

Provides a path


or combination of interconnected paths allocated for the transmission of electric current. 

Aka electron flow = your divine energy.


Creates a blueprint

of information from your soul aspects that interact with the field of consciousness you are in. 


Anchors Soul Aspects 

into your current reality through supporting you in receiving your coding through symbols,

signs and synchronicities that your field opens to naturally as you work with the circuits.

Sacred Circuitry Light Session Bundle

1 Soul Map Activation Session (30min-1hr)

~ To kinnect to & pull through your Soul Map.

The soul map supports the retrieval of your Sacred Circuitry.

Sacred Circuitry Light Activation Session (1hr) 

~ to activate and integrate what came through your Soul Map, and ground your Sacred Circuitry.

1 Digital Soul Map 

1 Digital  "Light of the Soul" Art Creation

Activation Practice, Affirmations, Mantras

~ Birthed from your Sacred Circuitry

to support your in-to-great-ion journey


33 min integration follow up call



Holy: Consecrated ; Dedicated



Pathway of Energy


Voltage, Current, and Resistance


Discovering Balance Through The Electro-magnetic Circuitry of Life

Life as formed from electro-magnetic circuitry, where the flow/current~sea (current state of vibrational frequency) mirrors the sacred all~eye~nment of the soul.

Voltage represents the force that propels energy forward. Similarly, within us, and formed from our souls current~sea,.. our dreams, desires, and intentions act as the driving force of our energy.

This voltage (inner drive/inner chi) is what moves us to explore and integrate new paths and experiences..  like the energy that propels water through a river. ~Feel~ into a river's current. Current shapes the land it traverses,.. our current~sea sculpts the course of our lives. The stronger the voltage, the greater the push to explore new territories and transcend familiar levels of consciousness.

Balance is Polarity

Every positive has a negative counterpart. This is the Law of Polarity. Our lives mirror this duality.  Just as waves alternate between high and low, our experiences swing between positive and negative. Positive and negative experiences coexist, and are actually always balanced. Within challenges, both positive and negative, seeds of growth and transformation are hidden..

The souls journey is to process experiences for the purepose of expanding consciousness. Experiences create e~moceans, which create beliefs, which creates energetic patterns, which then create and shape our desires and passions. Our patterns create the resistance necessary for growth and evolution. They are constantly influencing how we perceive and ReAct/ReSpond to creation. Our desires and passions (voltage) and fear/challenges (resistance) shape our unique journey.

Just as a circuit functions optimally with balanced voltage, current, and resistance, our lives thrive when we find harmony between desires and challenges. Embracing both sides of life's polarity leads to personal growth and a fulfilled existence.

Our journey is about embracing the ebb and flow of life's energy. By understanding the parallels between our energy circuits and our experiences, we find a path to balance, grow, and discover our true selves which unveils Divine Balance.


In This Session You Will..

Join in sacred space, and enter a quantum portal 

where we download a unique soul map to get an overall 

view of where you are ~currently~ and what is highlighting 

for you at this point in your journey. 


Discover current aspects through a ~Planetary Soul Retrieval Process~ that are communicating with you now and the energetic patterns/themes currently running in your life stream that influence your experiences as a result.


Receive a unique activation/integration meditation & mantra channeled from your soul map to support the Sacred Circuitry that comes from it.

 (The activation and mantra greatly support you in the stabilization and in-to-great-ion of the energetics you’ve received and continue to download over time.)


Activate with channeled art that is created from the images, symbols, colors and all frequencies that are available to me through your soul mapping process. The soul map opens a door into your unique soul language,

I intuitively translate what I receive into your art creation.






Ready to Act.Eye.Vate?

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