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"The only thing
that is ever really alive,
is this moment..

Christopher Austin Gebbert

Helping to facilitate a mind-body connection based in compassionate, heart centered neutrality, Christopher has been blessed with opportunity to dive into to the depths of contrast in this life and many others.


His expansive experience enables his understanding of the wisdom that can be gained from darkness.

Christopher stands as an alchemical conduit of conscious embodiment. Here to assist and lead through neutrality, he is devoted to supporting the unification of polarities in order to align with the highest self and soul expression.

He is grateful to spread the wisdom that polarity and contrast are a natural part of life, they are not “good” or “bad,” but opportunities to learn and grow.

As an honorable mission and joy for aiding in the clearing of the mind and body, Christopher introduces various modalities to soothe the nervous system and open you to the potential of your natural WHOLE blueprint. 

"When we are in a state of  compassion and neutrality we are able to be fully present in the current moment. 

As we tap into the  heart, our internal magnetics are activated, allowing us to harness the power of polarity.. rather than getting pulled around by it.

Unlearn to Re-member.. not to survive, but to  thrive."

Christopher Austin Gebbert

"Christopher is a heart-coherent reflection of quantum embodiment.. his natural ability to tune and reflect the field of creation promotes optimal frequency. It is always an awakening experience connecting with him."
- Fern

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