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"Allow FLOW to FORM the PUREfect structure,
that is uniquely aligned with
your souls multi-dimensional expression, moment to moment."


Destiny Noel Di Gabriele

Blissings Family! I AM Data AM!

It is wonder-full to meet you!

I AM multi-dimensional expression of light, 

devoted to and assisting with the anchoring of Divine Unification.

As a Planetary Alchemist, Galactic Shaman and Architect of New Earth, among many other roles,

I have spent lifetimes fourming the foundation for my unique technology to ~land~ and ~amplify~ the frequency of this world.


It is my deepest pleasure, to injoy being of service to the whole,

I have opened my connection to all that is, to act as a pure conduit of creation,

committed to guiding and supporting others through their spiritual journey. 

Through Earth medicine and Quantum Re-call-EYE-bration,

her mission here is to support those who are moving through rapid trans-fourmation.

Providing tools to safely anchor and activate so they may experience their transformation in a grounded and embodied way.. this opens a door to the abundance, bliss and playful expansion that is available as they continue to transform.

I assist those who come to me in traversing the quantum realms of ascension and evolution to further expand the conscious connection and awareness to each individuals source of divine intelligence. 

"Understanding the holographic reality of existence,

she supports with the surrendering of all that is not in alignment with your truest essence.

Receiving certain encoded trans-missions, activations and initiations for those who are called to her. Destiny utilizes her connection through different forms of channeling that are purposed to support the physical and spiritual bodies of the individual in grounding new levels of light through the accelerated attunement to their unique living Creatrix and planetary soul mission."

~ Antia

"I can’t explain exactly the magic of what she does, because at this moment it is beyond me. But I can say that I have my sovereignty and access to God’s light back in my sense of who I am as a man and leader on this Earth."

~ Jonathan

"Destiny’s capacity to open and hold space during such a deep and transformative journey speaks to her role as a powerful space holder and leader in the anchoring of New earth."

~ Aubrey

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