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Destiny Di Gabriele is a multi-dimensional expression and anchor for unconditional love and Divine Unification. As a Galactic Shaman and Architect of New Earth, Destiny has spent lifetimes forming the foundation for her unique technology ~to land~ and ~amplify~ the frequency of this world. Guiding her deep into pleasure and the joy of being in service to the whole, she has opened her connection to all that is, to act as an open and pure conduit of creation. She has been trained by multi-dimensional beings of love and light and is grateful to be, what you could call, a ~current~ cellular activator here on this plan-ET. Her mission here is to support in the embodiment of abundance, bliss and playful expression that is available for us all to experience. Destiny assists beings in traversing the quantum realms of ascension and evolution to further expand their conscious connection to the source of their divine inheritance. 

Given the multi-dimensional consciousness that Destiny streams, her "anchoring" methods range depending on who she is connecting with. She utilizes her connection and embodiment through different forms of channeling. Understanding the holographic reality of existence, she supports with the surrendering of all that is not in alignment with your own. In this way, she receives certain encoded trans-missions, activations and initiations for those who are called to her. These support the physical and spiritual bodies of the individual with ~the opening~ into a new level of light within their system and MAtrix. This assists in the accelerated attunement to your own living Creatrix and planetary soul mission. Gratefully and lovingly, Destiny harnesses her power as a co-creator of the Divine Plan for the blissing and re-GENE-ration of this planet and beyond.

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