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Heart Coherence Calls

A Journey to Harmonious Living

Designed to bring tranquility to your mind, body, and soul by harmonizing the hemispheres of your brain and aligning your mind with your heart. 

"Imagine you're in a beautiful field.. full of green trees, you can lightly hear the birds as you're being invited to bring full awareness to your breath, with each breath you notice what was unnoticed before, be it the sounds of the bird song, the other creature scurrying, the wind through the trees, all of which is inviting you to this next dimension reality.


With a calm soothing voice he brings up practices that can help you transition into the next chapters of what is needed most."

- Rootz NFLuX Zenith

 Are you someone who often feels overwhelmed by emotions and struggles to make rational decisions?

Do you find it challenging to balance logical thinking with creativity and intuition?


Do you feel disconnected from your heart's rhythm and desire a deeper connection with your inner self?


Are you someone who struggles with rigid thinking and finds it difficult to see the bigger picture or think outside the box?


Do you find yourself feeling stuck in a cycle of overcompensating due to fear, lack, or overwhelm?

Are you seeking to improve decision-making, enhance emotional well-being, and achieve clearer thinking?

Is there a part of you that yearns for a deeper connection between your mind and heart, and wishes to experience the synchronicity that comes with this union?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions..

then this session is for you.

Lets Take a Deeper Look Into the Heart of These Coherence Calls..

The left hemisphere of your brain, associated with analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving, is the masculine side that sees in parts and creates structure. On the other hand, the right hemisphere, linked with creativity, intuition, and emotional processing, is the feminine side that sees the whole picture and provides the energy and flow for the structure created by the masculine side. 


When both sides of the brain work coherently, we experience harmony in our body, mind, and soul. We operate through divine union, where the masculine structures information with ease, creating a space for the feminine to flow energy in support of the foundation that has been set. 


However, in today's world, it's easy to become overly dependent on one side or the other, leading to an imbalance that can limit our potential. Overactivity in either hemisphere can lead to a range of issues, from rigid thinking and difficulty expressing emotions to lack of structure and difficulties in decision-making. 


That is why I have been guided to create this Heart Coherence Opportunity.


Who Am I
To Take You On This Journey?

My name is Christopher Austin Gebbert

My joy is helping facilitate a mind-body connection based in compassionate, heart centered neutrality.

I have been blessed with opportunity to dive into to the depths of contrast, which has given me a deep inner~standing that wisdom can be gained from darkness.

As an alchemical conduit of conscious embodiment, I assist and lead through neutrality and am devoted to supporting the unification of the mind, body & soul

in order to support people with the steps it takes to embody the highest self and soul expression.

Trained in various modalities to soothe the nervous system and open you to the potential of your natural WHOLE blueprint, I am here to walk with you,.. and remind you of your own inherent peace and power.





These sessions are specially designed to help you find the perfect balance between the functions of the left and right brain, optimizing your cognitive functioning and overall well-being. By synchronizing your thoughts and emotions with your heart's rhythm, we create a state of balance and coherence between the two. 


The aim of these Heart Coherence Calls is to assist you in coordinating your mind and heart, allowing for clearer thinking, improved decision-making, and enhanced emotional well-being on all levels. 


Each call is tailored to your unique needs, helping you connect and ground deeply into your own energy, recognizing what is alive for you in that moment. Through a series of techniques and tools, we will facilitate the opening of your heart and its connection with your mind, bringing balance and clarity to your entire being. 


Join me on this journey to harmonious living, and experience the magic of Heart Coherence.

Claim your session now..

Are you ready to tap into your own energy and recognize what is alive for you in the present moment?

 Are you ready, willing & open to exploring new techniques and tools to open your heart and bridge the gaps?!

That's what I'm talkin' about!!!

Let's GROW! Sign up for your Heart Coherence Session NOW.. Click I AM READY.. & Let the bridging begin.

The time is Now Family. Are YOU READY?!..

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