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Destiny’s capacity to open and hold space during such a deep and transformative journey speaks to her role as a powerful spaceholder and leader in the anchoring of New earth.


The sense of safety, security, and comfortability I felt from her during this potent ceremony allowed me to fully open to the medicine and surrender fully to its process.


To witness and experience her potent channel was an honor and assisted greatly in the passage of this medicine through my consciousness and entire being.


Destiny made sure to be meticulous in setting the grid and opening the sacred container, ensuring full presence and peace prior to journeying, as well as allowed for a beautiful and intuitive integration post-ceremony. It is a joy and a privilege to have sat in such devotional ceremony, in reverence to the anchoring of our highest timeline, with the powerful priestess that is Destiny

Aubrey | Private Ceremony | ATX


The medicine ceremony with Destiny was extremely difficult, and extremely, beautifully rewarding. It was centered around doing deep shadow work in a group context helped with ceremonial tea. 


To release all that is heavy in us and keeps us in pain and separation. In the beginning of the ceremony we all set intentions and spoke on what we hoped to get out of the ceremony. It was a beautifully lit space, with cushions all around, candle flames dancing off the limestone walls, crystals and gods and goddesses adorning the space. Many people went before me, divulging their darkest secrets that they felt it would lighten them to get off their chests and minds, and to energetically release to the angels and guides around us. They had to have been there it was such an intensely supported reverent feeling space.


I was hesitant, I think to speak on my shadows that were arising for me, my guilts, my shames, my fears, but I felt compelled by the nature of the ceremony and intention of the group and opportunity to cleanse myself to push forward with courage and go ahead and say what was most present on my mind as far as things I was scared to talk about. 


I got in the circle, surrounded by 13 others, and spoke on my hatred of women, that came from my mother being promiscuous and inviting dangerous men into the home when I was a little child. 


After the ceremony by the way the majority of people there came to me and thanked me for sharing something I was so afraid to admit to, my hatred of women and the manifestations of that in my life.


After the experience with my mother as a child, I felt an evil black energy start to come out of my back, then I had past life flashbacks into being a king who made a contract with evil because he felt he had to in order to avenge his men he had been leading who had been ransacked by an evil invading horde.


As I realized I had to renounce this contract with evil I asked the rest of the group to help me, and everyone around me began laying hands on me or energetically helping to remove this evil black substance of an entity from my upper back. This evil black oil. 


While this was happening I was surrounded by a group of the most focused and reverent people I have ever met. The others who were in ceremony that  night. To be surrounded by this many people all helping me fight my deepest demons that have been with me over a millennium was truly a sight to behold. It didn't feel of this Earth. It was assuredly a deeply liminal space and I really can't describe how impactful it is to have those brothers and sisters all fighting for your soul with you in exactly the way you most need and ask for.


After the oil began to leave my back, I then saw a coat of arms drawn out to me, gold, white, blue, and gray. With golden screaming eagles on the crests of the coat of arms. Screaming with the rage of the light in order to defeat and beat back the evil black scourge that had infected my inner kingdom. 


Destiny leading the way with her hand upon my chest and her energy and extremely powerful channeling presence and eyes so bright they were hard to look at I regained my sovereignty that night with those magical people who were attracted to doing healing work that went this deeply. 


To be honest, she has a power to help channel, and guide that I don’t fully understand. At times speaking with her it really does feel like I’m talking to an alien. And I think a good one I’ll add. One that I would like to understand.


This whole review was difficult to write because I really don’t fully understand what happened there. What I do understand is that due to the energetic container that she set up with her charisma of honoring the light and dark in equal fashion and intensity of depth, it really allowed a group of people to come together and do a level of healing and deep self acceptance work that goes so far past what I have ever come across in any other space or healing ceremony. 


I can’t explain exactly the magic of what she does, because at this moment it is beyond me. But I can say that I have my sovereignty and access to God’s light back in my sense of who I am as a man and leader on this Earth. 


And for that, I thank her, and I’d both go back and recommend anyone else interested in an extremely deep, supportive, magical, mystical, personal and non judged healing ceremony to go to another one that she and her partner Christopher puts on. 


I have never met people this young or otherwise with this much experience in the realms of feeling and spiritual healing and reconnection to Source and Self. It’s truly a sight to behold and an experience to be revered and deeply appreciated. 


To experience this special kind of transformative goddess of light and dark supported space I suggest you do go to a ceremony that they put on. As there is a man Christopher there humbly holding a space with a gentle and integrity laden Christ Consciousness energy on the side.


To heal go once, 


To understand how they are creating this level of soul level alchemy attached to the divine within each one of us you may just need to go twice.

Jonathan Armstead | Full Moon Ceremony | ATX

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