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Sacred Circuitry Light Sessions

Receive COSMIC he-ART-IFACTS; tools channelled specifically to potentiate your spiritual gifts.

  • 1 hour 44 minutes
  • 1,111 US dollars
  • Austin

Service Description

Sacred Circuits are multi dimensional grids of light and form in their own unique ways. Channelled for a specific being, with the support of their higher-self and spirit guides, these manifestations greatly support you on your spiritual journey. Received in the form of channelled messages/visions from your original divine blueprint, I am guided throughout the process on how to set the field for your creation. I am shown what mediums, colors, & symbols are most supportive to you, & how to structure them with the soul images that have come through for you. Sacred Circuits can also be channelled with a set intention, to support in specific areas of focus in ones life. Examples of sacred circuitry benefits: * Activations/Integrations for Chakras * Activation/integration of original divine blueprint * Support for grounding and connection * Ancestral Clearing & Reprogramming * Divine Union Activation * Amplification during astral traveling, vision questing, ceremony/medicine work, healing work etc. * Telepathy & precognition enhancement * Awakening spiritual power & gifts * Akashic record access & clarity * Full energetic support during travel and relocation * Amplification of templates for gridwork * Galactic History, Heritage and Soul codes * Art-EYE-facts to connect with hybrid children, soul family & Soul mate/Twin Flame relationship(s) These are just examples of what your soul may be called to put a special focus on. Your soul knows what is best for you to receive right now. The intentions you feel will highlight the aspects that resonate and assist the core intention of your soul. We simply allow what is meant to come through for us, to come through and trust that all is aligned and divinely encoded for this now moment. What you receive: 1 Sacred Circuitry Light Session (Over phone or Zoom) (1hr) ($444 Value) 1 Soul Map (poster or glossy print) ($333) Language of the Soul Multi-Media Creation (Custom wall art) ($2222+ Value) JPEGs and encoded Wallpaper templates Activation Meditations, Affirmations, Mantras and Supportive Extras (Over $333 Value) 33 min integration follow up call ($222 Value) Over $4000 in value 👍🏼

Contact Details

  • Austin, TX, USA

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