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Quantum Embodiment Session

In-person quantum re-call-ibration to align the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 333 US dollars
  • Austin

Service Description

The vessel is a conduit that streams forth and into this world your unique energetic signature. Everyone is born from the essence of spirit and like a seed, you contain a holographic blueprint of in-form-ation. This blueprint holds within it the very access codes to certain streams of light/frequency that are filled with templates of your gifts, talents and soul experience. This session is here to awaken and align you to your original divine blueprint through the utilization of quantum technology. You will experience high-vibrational wholeness techniques that will attune you to the codes that are supportive for you and your current life stream. This is unlike other healing services, as we do not heal.. we simply allow your beingness as a whole to fully reset, recalibrate and activate the most beneficial, potent, powerful and aligned versions of you, with the purpose of connecting and bridging the many dimensions of you into your Earth body. This works on all levels and layers of the being as a whole, and because it supports with the integration of many different aspects of you each time, we recommend booking a minimum of 3 sessions to support the body in holding the frequency of the re-call-ibrations. As Anchored Divinity we are highly trained to hold you in a sacred field of light as we move through each process with you. Every experience is vastly different. We are grateful to hold this kind of space as we support the world in activating and amplifying their presence on this Earth. Overview of some benefits from this session: - Experience heightened multi-dimensional awareness - Amplify soul remembrance and wholeness - Re-callibrate the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies - Receive soul codes & templates that assist you in anchoring your multi-dimensional divine gifts and soul mission - Connect deeper with your Galactic and Earthly lineages - Experience deep relaxation, peace, and joy as a result of emotional cleansing/clearing that comes from quantum attunement and activation - Receive one 15 minute integration support call 1-2 weeks after session - SOUL much more

Contact Details

  • Austin, TX, USA

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