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This painting is powerfully encoded with high vibrational information and initiates the frequency of what is encoded within it, into your feild. Hang this in your home to initiate the following energy in your space:


The Sacred Vessel Activation is pureposed to align your being to the high heart frequency and the awareness of your Galactic heart connection. Assisting you in mind, body, soul alignment, this activation provides a quantum leap into a harmonious relationship with your galatic families and star aspects of you that hold beautiful gifts ready to be unlocked and grounded through you on Earth.  These codes prepare your being for the rise in frequency that takes place when we are kinnected to all parts of who we are. 


ACTIVATE multi-dimensional high heart awareness 

KINNECT with your star families and aspects of your higher self 

GROUND into harmony with your full self and soul expression

QUANTUM LEAP into high vibrational relationships that bring you joy and excitement

EXPAND with the unconditional love and support of all that is


Each print comes with activation/integration meditation and affirmations to work with in conjunction with this activation.

Sacred Vessel Activation

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