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This painting is powerfully encoded with high vibrational information and initiates the frequency of what is encoded within it, into your feild. Hang this in your home to initiate the following energy in your space:


This paiting is encoded to activate your highest form of expression. Assisting in receiving clarity from the divine about your energy, creations and how to best utilize your creative power and presence. Harness your ability to manifest and bring to life the creations that are ready to be born through you. You are a portal of creation continuously ra-membering your unique technology and energetic signature. Anchor awarness of your multi-dimensional creativity and open your iMAGInation to the powerful impact your creations have on all that is. 


  • Tap in to your creative abilities and gifts
  • Amplify inspiration and intention towards your craft
  • Establish a frequency of free expression and unleash your magician 
  • CREATE all that is ready to be born through you with ease and grace, aligned in full trust that you are supported and guided through it all
  • Deepen into trust with your creations and their sustainability
  • UNLOCK infinite creative potential that is infused with the pure essence of YOU.


Each print comes with activation/integration meditation and affirmations to work with in conjunction with this activation.

Sacred Creation (creativity) Activation

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