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This painting is powerfully encoded with high vibrational information and initiates the frequency of what is encoded within it, into your feild. Hang this in your home to initiate the following energy in your space:


Activate into the Divine Union freequency


This creation is encoded with the 69 frequency, the frequency of the divine twin flame union.


This is a very powerful activation that works with you on a cellular level to support the divine unification within you and can assist in preparing the mind, body and soul for divine flame ra-membrance. 


This activation supports with:

- KINNECTING to divine union frequency, (the 69 freequency)

- AMPLIFYING self-love, respect and harmony within the heart center

- UNIFICATION of feminine and masculine poles

- ACTIVATING the divine trinity within


Each print comes with activation/integration meditation and affirmations to work with in conjunction with this activation.


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