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This painting is powerfully encoded with high vibrational information and initiates the frequency of what is encoded within it, into your feild. Hang this in your home to initiate the following energy in your space:


  • Aids  in cleansing and clearing your system of any negative energy that is no longer needed assists in raising your vibrational state of being.
  • Supports you in connecting with higher vibrational energies, therefore, experiences.
  • Works on a cellular level to clear any debre or residue that is clogging your chakras and clouding your awareness. 
  • Supports the body in regeneration and cellular activation
  • Fills your energy field and the space around you with high vibrational gold and white light frequencies
  • Brings in a powerful cosmic connection to the Earth & her healing powers
  • Connects you to the shuman resonance bringing balance, grounding and support


*Works with all energy centers (chakras)


Each print comes with activation/integration meditation and affirmations to work with in conjunction with this activation.

Divine Light Cleansing Activation

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