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This painting is powerfully encoded with high vibrational information and initiates the frequency of what is encoded within it, into your feild. Hang this in your home to initiate the following energy in your space:


Anchored Divinity supports the divine unification taking place here on this planet. This symbol holds the blueprint that supports the unlocking of sacred wisdom.  This code will connect you to your own original divine blueprint and support you in the anchoring of your divinity. Encoded to uplift, inspire and amplify the awareness of your multi-dimensional beingness, this code is a game changer. Holding you in anchored embodiment, this serves to assist you in your landing and the grounding of your multi-dimensional self with ease and grace.


This activations supports with:

AMPLIFYING frequencies of devotion, transparency, freedom and overall sovereignty

ACTIVATING embodiment awareness 

ANCHORING divinity through awarness of embodiment and life force sustainability

HONORING the physical temple, and tuning deeper into the body and mind

RETREIVING soul coding and symbology

RA MEMBRANCE of sacred language

EMBRACING God freequency & soul tone

CONSISTANCY in spiritual inspiration, clarity, and purpose


Each print comes with activation/integration meditation and affirmations to work with in conjunction with this activation.

Anchored Divinity Activation

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