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Designed to assist and serve you as you move through

deep transformation & Divine Unification.


This is a multi-dimensional portal into the codes and templates that have greatly assisted me throughout my evolution and ascension process. It is my deepest honor to share these with you, as this is truly all stemming from the depths of my being and soul experience.


On this platform I assist you in the understanding and inner standing of this Holy Shift & Divine Union, that is taking place right now.


 I Am here. I Am here. I Am here. 


What is it like to BE here, fully?

Fully present and listening.

Are you ready to hear?

is coming from deep within our CELL-VES ✨🌐

It is time to awaken & embody all that we are meant to be.

Divine Union is the bringing together, ~UNI-FICATION AND MERGING~,
of all fractalized aspects of self on ALL LEVELS.

This is what we mean by
Anchoring Divinity.

This holy union is occurring throughout all of existence and we Humans,
are here on Earth to assist the shift into wholeness.

The divine union frequency that is shaping this Plan-ET,
continues to build MOMENTum from the awareness
that is fostered by those in the presence of this MOMENT.

Right now.


YOU are filled with information that unlocks your unlimited pleasure, joy and purpose! This program assists your spiritual transformation and embodiment process.

All that we are as individuals and a collective are ready, right now,

and are anchoring into neutrality and harmony at all moments through our own unique paths. Together we help to support the restructuring of old stories.

Transmuting, assimilating and INTEGRATING them into FRESHNESS,

fresh perspectivethat is in alignment with heart based living and THRIVAL consciousness. 


 Your RA-memeberance IS VALUABLE to existance. 

Thats why I AM devoted to this mission. It is truly a gift to know and celebrate this truth & all of the wisdom you have gained to support your embodiment and safe landing here on this Earth.


I will support you in continuing to land here with ease.. so that while you are immaculately amplifying your vibration,.. you are held through the rearranging and shifting that takes place in your life.


You don't have to do it alone... 

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Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 5.55.50 PM.png

My life has been filled with many challenges/gifts, epiphanies, mystical experiences and transformations that humble me to my core. I have been blessed to have tapped in to my soul lineage and beautiful aspects of me that are and have been helping and guiding me throughout my entire journey. I am continuously unveiling the majesty that is me, moment by moment. It is my intention to utilize the mass amount of passion that has been ignited through my experiences and package them as the gifts that they are, to share with my beloved brothers and sisters of light! 



    Every single person on this planet is an extremely powerful, beautiful, perfect, expression of the Divine. Just as the bees fly from flower to flower, collecting honey in their own way, from whatever flowers draw them in,.. ~their own experience~,.. other bee friends do the same.. to eventually all bring the holy nectar into the hive for all to enjoy, in honoring of the mother, in honor of life.


    We are here collecting data, for all of existence. Just as the bees collect from different flowers and spread that information/nectar, we collect data from our life experience. Entering the hive mind, the connection to all = the heart,.. we can draw and learn from all experience/information/nectar that has ever been. This unified field, of incredible universal connection.. allows us to expand and grow at a rapid wonder-full rate.


This is my heart, the ability to Anchor the Divinity we are through the acknowledgment of our power and the honoring of our experience. I AM here, fully open and fully ready to receive you, honor you, and love you! All of you! Why? It brings me an incredible amount of BLISS and JOY to do so!

So thank you for BEing!

You are an epic part of my journey and the gratitude I have for you

ripples like colorful rays of warm sunshine. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙏 

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